New Resident Information


A Florida driver's license is required within 30 days for any driver who becomes a resident of Florida, is employed in Florida or registers a child in a Florida public school. New residents are required to pass only a vision examination if they have a valid driver's license form another state. First-time applicants must take a vision, written and road test. Test appointments are recommended for those who are applying for a driver's license for the first time. For more information about obtaining a Florida driver's license, contact the Florida Highway Patrol Driver's License Office. Their phone number is 850-872-4487.


New Florida residents are required to register their vehicle and obtain a Florida license plate within 30 days of establishing legal residency in the State. You must provide proof of insurance and a copy of your out-of-state vehicle title. For more information about registering your vehicle and obtaining a license plate, contact the Bay County Tax Collector's Office. Their phone number is 850-784-4090.


If you need information about boat registrations, please contact the Bay County Tax Collector. The phone number for the Bay County Tax Collector's Office is 850-784-4090. 


For information regarding hunting and fishing licenses, please contact the Bay County Tax Collector's Office. They are located at 648 Mulberry Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401. Their number is 850-784-4090. License can also be purchased Downtown at the Panama City Marina. 850-872-7272.


Students registering in the Bay County Public School System for the first time must present the following:
· Documents showing proof of residency within the school district such as a phone bill or a voter registration card
· A Certificate of Immunization which is available from a private physician or the local Public Health Department
· Proof of a medical examination during the past 12 months
· A birth certificate 
· A copy of the last report card, if a student was previously enrolled in an out-of-state school
· A Social Security Card
For more information about the Bay County School System, visit their Web site at For more information concerning registering your child to attend a Bay County Public School, please call the Bay County School Board. The phone number for the Bay County School Board is 872-4100. 


For general information and a listing of services provided by the Social Security Administration, call 1-800-772-1213. The local Social Security Office is located at 97 West Oak Avenue. The number for the local office is 872-9630. They are temporarily located at 526 Harrison Ave. due to repairs at the main office.


The Gulf Power Company provides electrical service for City residents. The Gulf Power Office is located at 1230 East 15th Street in Panama City. To establish, transfer or disconnect service, call 850-872-3200. 
Two (2) companies provide Cable TV service to most areas of the City. The phone number for Comcast Cablevision is 850-769-0392. The phone number for Knology is 850-215-1000. 
The company that provides natural gas service to Panama City is TECO Peoples Gas. The phone number for TECO Peoples Gas is 850-872-6100. 
Two (2) companies provide telephone service. The phone number for BellSouth for residential phone service is 850-780-2355. The phone number for Knology is 215-1000.


If you need information regarding marriage licenses, please contact the Bay County Clerk of Circuit Court, Marriage License Division. The Marriage License Division is located in the Bay County Courthouse at 300 East 4th Street, Panama City, Florida 32401. The phone number is 850-747-5117. 


The State of Florida allows a property tax exemption of $25,000 for a home. This exemption is allowed only on your primary residence. You can file for homestead exemption from January 1 to March 31 at the Bay County Property Appraiser's Office located at 860 W. 11th St. 32401. When you file for homestead exemption you must provide a copy of your recorded property Deed, Driver's License, Social Security Card and Voter Registration Card. For more information about applying for homestead exemption, call the Bay County Property Appraiser's Office. The phone number is 850-784-4095. 


Applications for passports can be made at the Main Post Office, located at 1336 Sherman Avenue, Panama City. Applications are available at the passport window from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The cost is $60.00 for adults, and $40.00 for children 15 and under. For more information regarding obtaining a passport, call the Post Office at 850-785-1706.