Services, Functions, & Activities

The Community Redevelopment Agency was created by the City of Panama City in 2006 under the powers granted by the Legislature.  Prior to 2006, the CRA was a combined agency with the Downtown Improvement Board.  It's goal is to combat neighborhood deterioration and eliminate economic blight in the designated Community Redevelopment Areas. The work program for the Agency is defined in the Community Redevelopment Plan for each Community Redevelopment Area.  In the Redevelopment Plans, comprehensive strategies were formulated to promote community development in various Community Redevelopment Areas - Downtown, Downtown North, Millville and St. Andrews.

About Our CRA Districts
The Panama City Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has four (4) Districts. Those Districts are Downtown created in 1984, St. Andrews created in 1989, Downtown North created in 1993 and Millville created in 2004. Please see the map below. Each District works with citizen-based advisory committees to formulate plans to reverse blighted conditions. Dollars generated by local property tax growth are used to fund projects and programs outlined in the District plan. CRAs are authorized, under Florida Statues Chapter 163 part III, for periods of 30-to-60 years. This special state law allows for the creation, operation, and administration of the CRA District process. Each District plan is designed to make targeted improvements to remove blighted conditions, improve infrastructure, provide better safety, transform building appearances, and work on attracting more investment opportunities.