Planning Resources


Interlocal Agreement for School Concurrency
On September 14, 2010, the city revised the Interlocal Agreement for Public Facility Planning and School Concurrency as a result of the creation of subdistricts from the county-wide school concurrency zone.  The new districts follow the boundaries of the high school family school zones.

Bay County School District 2010-2011 Work Plan
The Bay County School District adopted the 2010-2011 work plan on September 22, 2010.  This plan is the supporting information used when determining capacity for Comprehensive Plan map amendments and all zoning changes.

In addition, the School Board produces the annual concurrency analysis sheets for each school family within the District.  This information is what you should use when evaluating the impact of any Comprehensive Plan Map amendment within the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Concurrency Certificates for development order requests are issued by the school board.  A running tally of vested development requests is maintained by the school board.  Please contact Sharron Smith at the School Board District Office for more information. The phone number is 850-873-7158.

Forest Park District Mobility Plan
PBS&J, in coordination with the city, has prepared the city's first Mobility Plan for the Forest Park District.  This plan encompasses a boundary generally described as north of 19th Street, west of HWY 77 and includes the old airport site and the Panama City Mall.

This plan and forthcoming mobility strategies will help the city to better address the impacts of development within this district onto all mobility systems, to include transit (e.g. Bay Town Trolley), pedestrian walkways, bike routes and vehicular travel, as a result of development.  Existing conditions were evaluated, and future conditions were projected to help understand where the needs are for improving each of these systems.  Projects are identified in the plan for future construction to improve the modes of transportation within the network.  A mobility fee has also been calculated which will be used to contribute to the listed project(s) funding.    

The city will consider this plan at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 22, held in the Commission chambers. UPDATE:  This plan was adopted by the City Commission.

Forest Park District Mobility Plan

Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)
Military installations are critical to local, regional and state economies in Florida, generating 
thousands of jobs and over $52 billion in direct and indirect economic activity annually. This 
activity results in significant tax revenue that accrues to these entities.  

To protect their mission(s), the health of the economies that rely on them, and consider the rights of adjacent private property owners, collaboration among the installation, county and local communities must occur throughout the state. The mechanism to foster collaboration is the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). The intent of this JLUS is to mitigate both existing and anticipated encroachment issues through improved coordination among Bay County, the Naval Support Activity Panama City (NSAPC), the City of Panama City, and the City of Panama City Beach.

The city played an important role in development of the Bay County Joint Land Use Study.   The city adopted this document by resolution in November 2009.

Joint Land Use Study - TOC (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Chapter 1 (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Chapter 2 (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Chapter 3 (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Chapter 4 (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Chapter 5 (PDF)
Joint Land Use Study - Appendix (PDF)

Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP)
Like all communities in Florida, Panama City is no stranger to disasters. Over the last few
years, major flooding, tornadoes, and coastal storms have torn apart neighborhoods and
damaged public infrastructure.  Because of this, the city has decided to take a proactive approach to planning for long-term redevelopment and recovery by creating the PDRP.