New Resident Information

  1. Driver's License / Vehicle Registration

    A Florida driver's license is required within 30 days for any driver who becomes a resident of Florida, is employed in Florida or registers a child in a Florida public school. New Florida residents are required to register their vehicle and obtain a Florida license plate within 30 days of establishing legal residency in the state.

  2. Enroll in School

    Look up information on enrolling in school.

  3. Homestead Exemption

    The State of Florida allows a property tax exemption of $25,000 for a home. This exemption is allowed only on your primary residence.

  4. Marriage Licenses & Passports

    Apply for a marriage license or passport.

  5. Recreation Licenses

    Find information on recreational licenses and registrations.

  6. Utility Services

    Review your utility service options in Panama City.