Police Department

Services & Responsibilities

The Panama City Police Department is a full service police department located in the panhandle (northwest) region of sunny Florida. We are truly committed to our mission for providing quality law enforcement services to all residents and visitors alike.

With the exception of laboratory forensics, we provide our residents and visitors with the entire scope of police services ranging from parking enforcement to homicide investigations.

Mission Statement

Members and citizens working together to prevent, reduce, and eliminate crime through cooperative efforts and shared community values.

Biased Based Profiling

Biased based profiling is not practiced, nor tolerated by members of the Panama City Police Department. Biased based profiling is defined as the selection of an individual based solely on a trait common to a group for enforcement action. If you feel that you have experienced biased based profiling by a member of the Panama City Police Department, you may report this by completing an officer complaint form online. You may also submit your complaint in person at the Panama City Police Department.

CFA Accreditation

Read a press release about our CFA Accreditation (PDF).