Benefits Information

Base Pay

Police Officer receives $725.26 weekly amounting to $37,713.59 annually.

Overtime Pay

Employees are paid 1 1/2 times their normal rate of pay after an accumulated 171 total hours for the (28 day) work period.

Salary Incentive Pay

In addition to the base pay, incentive pay is offered for certain academic or career development courses. Incentive pay ranges from $20 to a maximum of $130 per month.

Retirement Package

Participation in the police department pension requires a 8.13% salary contribution. This plan provides for 37.5% retirement after 15 years, 60% retirement after 20 years, with 2% increase per year up to 80% maximum after 30 years. Normal retirement is age 50 or 23 years of continuous service.

Employee Group Insurance

The City of Panama City is self insured. This program includes comprehensive health insurance, dental insurance, term life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The premium for employee coverage is paid for by the city. Optional insurance for family members is partially paid by the employee.

Sworn police officers are also provided with "line of duty" death benefits.

Other Benefits

  • Up to 75% college tuition reimbursement
  • Physical fitness incentive program
  • Plenty of opportunities for off-duty employment or overtime


Sworn officers are individually provided assigned vehicles with take home privilege if residing within Bay County. All uniforms and equipment are also furnished by the department. Dry cleaning is provided free of charge to all sworn personnel.

Annual Leave

New officers receive 12 days annual leave per year for the first 5 years. The number of hours earned is increased in 5 year increments. The maximum allowed limit of accrued annual leave is 51 days.

Sick Leave

You get 12 days annually, accruable to 60 days.

Paid Holidays

You get 10 recognized paid holidays per year.

Deferred Compensation

An officer may defer a portion of their salary into a deferred compensation plan. This deferment is made prior to income taxes being deducted, which allows a participant to reduce their yearly taxable income while adding to their retirement preparedness, the maximum amount of salary which can be used is 25% of the gross annual salary or $19,000 per year. There are 2 types of deferment plans available.