Firefighter Safety & Support

In a continuing effort to keep up with applicable Firefighter Safety Standards, all departmental personnel are trained to operate as members of Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) in support of Firefighters actively involved in combating fires and other emergencies.  As a part of this effort, each Fire Company is equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment to set up and function as an independent RIT at an incident scene. This concept, which was originally established to dedicate a single Engine Company to accomplish this task, has been expanded to enable the formation of multiple RIT and expand the department’s capabilities to ensure Firefighter Safety and comply with Florida’s “Two-In / Two-Out” Standard for Firefighter Safety.

As you pass our stations, you may notice our personnel participating in various forms of physical fitness activities.  We require this of our personnel on a daily basis.  According to the United States Fire Administration, stress / overexertion / heart attacks are the leading cause of death for Firefighters.  In 2013, 107 Firefighters lost their lives in line of duty deaths.  37 were from stress / overexertion, and 36 of those were from heart attacks.  Due to the physically demanding and stressful nature of our occupation, all of our line personnel must work out one hour each shift to maintain their bodies and heart to deal with these stressors.

As time passes and trends change, the Panama City Fire Department continues to monitor its operations and enhance procedures in order to protect the citizens we serve, as well as the Firefighter performing their duties.  We assist our local EMS service when their call volume is extremely high in the City of Panama City and work with the Panama City Police Department to ensure that all emergency responders and citizens are safe on the scene motor vehicle accidents.