As time marches on, the primary mission of the Panama City Fire Department continues to be the protection and preservation of the lives and property within the community we serve.  As with most Fire Departments, this ever expanding mission includes much more than just responding to the normal scope of Structure, Vehicle Fires, and Extrications.  

Being a Coastal Community with a significant coastline and substantial number of Marine Vessels, Marinas, Waterfront Businesses and Industry; our mission also includes fighting fires on Docks, Piers, and Marine Vessels as well as performing Water Rescue. We are partners with the Bay County Sherriff’s Office, Florida State University, and Florida Wildlife Commission in the Joint Agency In-Water Strike Team (JAWS).  

This team is the first of its kind in our state to combine knowledge, training, manpower, and resources so that each agency can assist each other in handling underwater search / rescue events.  This pilot program is now being used in other areas due to the success of its existence here. In addition to the aforementioned, the department also contends with Hazardous Materials Incidents and the potential for Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents, as well as other events such as Hurricanes and other weather related events. In order to accomplish this diverse group of missions, Firefighters continue training programs throughout the year which are designed to better prepare them to perform the many services provided by the Department.  We have mutual aid agreements with several of our surrounding cities and military bases, and an automatic aid agreement for portions of Bay County and the City of Panama City to ensure our citizens are getting a quality emergency response as fast as possible when they find themselves in need.

Along with the tasks associated with Incident Response, Fire Department personnel continue their daily scheduled duties of maintaining, testing, and repairing fire fighting and rescue equipment.  These duties include, but are not limited to, maintaining station facilities, performing hydrant maintenance, daily training activities, and conducting pre-fire tactical surveys of buildings located within the City of Panama City.