Sign Requirements

Permit Requirements For Signs
The purpose of the sign ordinance is to promote economic vitality, enhance the community's appearance, and encourage the effective use of signs in the community by maintaining minimum standards that limit the number, size, design and illumination of signs. They have also been established to enable the fair and consistent enforcement of the sign ordinance.

The permit process helps ensure that proposed signs meet the design standards of the city; that they are installed safely; and that they are beneficial to the community. An individual or business who wishes to place a sign on their premises must obtain a sign permit from the Panama City Land Use Section. The purpose of obtaining this permit is to be in compliance with City Code and to insure that the sign meets all proper height and setback requirements.

Types of Signs That Need a Permit
All signs require a permit prior to installation except bona fide election signs (restrictions apply), signs denoting the sale or lease of the property on which the sign is erected, official governmental signs, window signs (restriction apply). A sign permit is not required for a garage sale, but any signs must be posted on site (signs are not permitted on telephone poles and the like).

Real estate signs are allowed only on the property for sale, directional signs placed off of the property are illegal and carry a fine off $500 per sign.

As of March 1, 2006, the company responsible for placing illegal signs in the City of Panama City will be issued a citation for each illegal sign.