For the Panama City Fire Department, the Fire Prevention Division is the "Life Safety Section" of the Division of Training, Fire Prevention, and Public Education which is currently under the direction of Division Chief Jimmy Talley.  This section consists of 1 Sworn Fire Inspector / Investigator, Lt. Paul Ladouceur, one Civilian Fire Inspector / Investigator, Bob Goree, and one Fire Prevention Support Specialist, Mary Lou Hodson.   

Responsibilities for this very important life safety section include: 
  • Inspections and re-inspections of over 3,000 Businesses within the City of Panama City
  • Conducting School Inspections for all Public and Private Schools on an annual basis
  • Answering Citizen Complaints
  • Fire Investigations
  • Flow Tests on Fire Hydrants
  • The Proper Disposal of Bio-waste Materials
  • Annexation Checks
  • Enforcement of Fire Lanes Laws and Ordinances
  • Enforcement of the Open Burning Ordinance
  • Reviewing Fire Plans
  • Safety and Hurricane Preparedness
Fire Prevention is also very active in our community through various community programs such as: 
  • Inspections of special events such as Festivals and 4th of July Fireworks activities
  • Public Education Programs
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Large scale Public Education Events, such as Kidfest and Fire Prevention Fest
Public safety is our division's main focus, and with the city growing, it's a job we take seriously.