Living at the Facility

Living at the Facility

Although many of these activities may take place primarily in the morning part of the firefighter's day, when lunch time arrives, firefighters are just as interested in their noon-time meal as everyone else. Given the dynamic that a firefighter’s duty is for an entire 24-hour day; all of our stations are equipped with kitchens and most fire crews have at least one good cook who, time permitting, prepares their lunch time meal. In the event that time or response requirements don’t permit, you may sometimes see fire crews out in the community eating lunch at a local restaurant. However, just remember, whether cooking their meal, eating their meal at the Fire Station or at a local restaurant, if an alarm comes in, firefighters will leave their meals and immediately respond to the call for service. 

Evenings at the Station

Assuming that all of the day’s duties have been performed, generally speaking, the time frame after 4:00 p.m. and until 7:00 a.m. the next morning is a time that Firefighters can wind down from the day’s frenzy of activities. Firefighters can work out, study for promotional exams, work on college level courses to expand their education, watch television, read, visit with family members / friends and/or participate in other activities approved by the department. However, once again as with station duties, meal time and training activities, if an alarm is sounded, firefighters will drop what they are doing and immediately respond to the alarm.

More Than a Job

Although the “On-the-Job” life of a firefighter is somewhat different than that of the normal five-day work week, we feel that station life at the Panama City Fire Department is full of activities and excitement. Firefighters with the department are positive and motivated to serve our community with the care and concern that can only come from the family type environment in which they work. Being a firefighter with the Panama City Fire Department is more than just a job, it is being a member of a family that is close knit because of the time they spend together and the situations that they face together as a team.