Public Records

  1. Public Records Request Contacts

  2. Pension Disclosures

  3. Agendas & Minutes

    Read the agendas and minutes from the various boards and commissions for the City of Panama City, Florida.

  4. Document Archives

    The Document Archives stores date-sensitive documents in various lists allowing for easy retrieval. It also contains a powerful search tool.

  5. Applications

    Download, view, fill out, and print various applications of the City of Panama Beach.

  6. Publications

    Panama City has put together a collection of important documents for its citizens review.

  7. e-Forms

  8. City Elections

    A Florida Voter Registration Application Form must be filed with the Bay County Supervisor of Elections before you can vote in city, county, state or federal elections.

  9. Boards & Commissions

    There are over 50 volunteers serving on 13 boards, authorities and committees within the City of Panama City.

  10. City Ordinances

    Find ordinances for the City of Panama City.

  11. Resolutions

    Resolutions passed by the Panama City Commission

  12. Municipal Codes

    Panama City Municipal Codes

  13. City Maps