Marina Hurricane Statement

Hurricane Threats
If we are threatened by a storm, our main criteria for action will be based on surge.
5 ft or surge at high tide or 7 ft at low tide will breach the seawall.
Less than 4 ft along with tropical storm force winds, we recommend riding it out in your slip.
  • Sailboats should remove all sails and canvas. 
  • Lines should be doubled and lengthen to allow for the higher tides. 
  • Use chafe protection both on the pilings and the access point at which the lines enter your boat. 
  • Remove all important documents and electronics. Close your through hulls. 
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged so bilge pumps will have power if the marina doesn't. We do not recommend staying on the boat during the storm.
If we have more than 4 ft predicted, the above preparations remain the same EXCEPT we recommend getting your boat out of the marina. If the surge breaches the seawall, you will be better off anchored in a protected area. Use your biggest anchors, as much chain as you have and protect the anchor line(s) where they enter your boat.
Trailerable boats on piers 7 & 8 should remove their boats from the marina to a safe area. The lifts ARE NOT designed for storm conditions and it is very likely you will have damage if you stay.
If the surge is predicted to be above 5 ft, we will cut power to all piers approximately 24 hours before landfall. We will cut water to pier 6 at the same time.
There are a few boats in covered slips that have height issues. These boats will need to be moved on anything more than 2.5 ft surge.
Marina staff will not be able to monitor piers or boats during the storm so it is imperative that you make preparations before hand to protect your property.

We will post updates on Facebook and as long as possible.