Powerpoint and Video Presentations

If you plan to use a presentation while speaking you must submit the presentation to the City Clerk's office five (5) working days in advance of your scheduled appearance. This allows staff time to preview, load, and test the presentation.

Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint & Video Presentations

To ensure a good presentation we recommend the following:

  • Minimize content of text and images.
  • Keep it simple using basic fonts.
  • Font size should be 32 points and easy to read, like Arial, Helvetica, and Veranda.
  • Keep it consistent with size and style font.
  • Use graphics appropriately and easy to use.
  • Keep presentation content in the "safe" zone to ensure viewing on most screens.
  • Choose templates wisely. Select high contrast colors for background and text.
  • Bulleted copy is easy to read.
  • Do not embed internet dependent media files into your presentation.