Important: You must register with civic rec before reserving a facility.

The City of Panama City, Quality of Department is host to close to 60 parks, marinas, and recreation facilities spanning across more than 270 acres of public land. These public properties provide many opportunities for physical activity and can help people of all ages lead a more active lifestyle. People who live near parks are more likely to be active, and this is especially true when parks have features such as trails, playgrounds and sport facilities. People are also more likely to visit and be active in parks that are safe and well-maintained. Making recreational facilities more accessible in all communities is a critical strategy for the Quality of Life Department.

For a complete list of all parks, marinas, and recreational facilities in the City of Panama City please visit our facilities overview page.

For more information about reserving a facility please visit our 'Facility Reservations' page or contact the customer service desk at (850)872-3199.Carl Gray Park beachfront