...apply for Special Event?

In accordance with the City of Panama City Municipal Code 17-8, Application for outdoors special events permit, for the safety and well-being of participants and the public, the City of Panama City requires submission of a Special Event Application along with a to-scale site plan for both city owned property events and non-city owned property events. 

For a copy of the special events application and Site Plan document please contact Missy Bagwell via email at mbagwell@pcgov.org or by telephone at (850)704-6959. If you need further assistance creating your to-scale Site Plan, there is free software available for download simply by doing a google search of "site plan software".

If there is an unauthorized Special Event in the City of Panama City, the City Manager or designee shall have the authority to cancel and suspend the Event.

Please contact us with any questions at (850) 872-3199 or email qol@pcgov.org.