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Posted on: September 11, 2018

Fire Department Honors Firefighters and Civilians


The Panama City Fire Department hosted a swearing-in and awards ceremony on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at Station 1. The Department welcomed in three new firefighters as well as recognized firefighters and civilians for their life-saving actions and dedication to our community.

New Firefighters Sworn-in

Firefighter Jack Griffiths

Firefighter Isaac Pacanins

Firefighter Deborah Smith


Citizen Community Life Saving Award

Granted to any member of the community who aids in saving the life of another.

Wade Miller, Travis Underwood, Michael Sexton, Amanda Cook, Torlid May, and Tim Lister

On July 16, 2018, Wade Miller was in the bathroom at Berg Steel Pipe when he heard a hard helmet hit the floor and a strange noise come from one of the bathroom stalls. Wade investigated the noise to find his co-worker lying on the floor of the stall. Wade brought the co-worker out of the stall and laid him on the floor of the bathroom. Wade then went for help.

Wade found Travis Underwood in the hallway. They went back to the co-worker to further assess him and call 911. Michael Sexton and Amanda Cook also came into the bathroom to assist but then ran to get the company’s AED.

In the meantime, Tim Lister arrived and found the co-worker didn’t have a pulse. Torild May and Michael Sexton began CPR. Michael and Amanda returned with the AED.

Michael and Tim attached the AED to the co-worker and the AED advised to shock the co-worker. The first shock did not produce a pulse so CPR was continued for approximately one minute then the AED advised a second shock. The second shock was delivered by the AED and the co-worker regained a pulse and started to become alert.

The co-worker was alert and conscious upon arrival of Panama City Fire Department EMT’s and was able to talk with Bay County EMS Paramedics when they arrived. The co-worker was transported to the hospital where he was found to have a 100% blockage in one artery and 40% blockage in another.

The co-worker is doing well and returned to work on September 10, 2018.

DSC08711 (1)

Life Saving Award and Special Unit Citation

Granted to any member of the fire department who saves the life of another while in an on-duty capacity within the City of Panama City.

Captain John Paul Oliver, Engineer Howard Demro, Firefighter Marty McFaul, and Firefighter Wyatt Fritz (Ladder 2, “B” Battalion)


On July 29, 2018 Ladder 2, “B” Battalion responded to a possible drug overdose. Upon arrival CPR was being performed by officers of the Panama City Police Department. When Ladder 2

assumed patient care they found the patient had a pulse, but was not breathing.

The crew began providing respirations with a bag/valve mask with supplemental oxygen and placed an oropharyngeal airway. They then administered Narcan to counteract the suspected opiate overdose the patient took.

Shortly after the administration of Narcan, the patient gained spontaneous respirations on scene prior to the arrival of Bay County EMS.


Meritorious Service Award

Presented to members of the fire department for special dedication in the service of the members of the department.


Firefighter Ryan Smith

Firefighter Ryan Smith volunteered to serve as the Fire Watch / Crowd Management Program Coordinator in February 2015. Fire Watch and Crowd Management in large assemblies can save lives and property by ensuring that the facility is free of fire hazards, providing early detection of fires and assisting patrons to an exit if an emergency exists.

Firefighter Smith authored a policy which details the purpose, scope and application of the Panama City Fire Department Fire Watch / Crowd Management Program. He has maintained the scheduling of all Fire Watch / Crowd Management events and ensured that the application of the policy is adhered to.

These actions go above and beyond the call of duty and bringing credit to Firefighter Smith and the Panama City Fire Department.


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