City Commission


501 Harrison Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401

(850) 872-3002

(850) 747-5964

The City of Panama City has a Commission-Manager form of government. The City Commission consist of 5 members, a Mayor and four Commission members; 1 commissioner is elected from each of the City's four wards and 1 commissioner is elected at large and serves as the Mayor-Commissioner At Large.

The Commission passes ordinances, adopts resolutions, adopts the city's budget and sets the policies for the operation of the city government.

The administrative responsibility of the city rests with the City Manager who is appointed by the City Commission.

Name Title Email Phone
Brudnicki, Greg Mayor 850-872-3002
Haligas, Jenna Flint Commissioner Ward 1 850-872-3002
Street, Josh Commissioner Ward 4 850-872-3002
Rader, Billy Commissioner Ward 3 850-872-3002
Brown, Kenneth Commissioner Ward 2 850-872-3002