Can I put a mobile home or temporary structure on my property?

During the recovery period of Hurricane Michael, mobile homes, recreational vehicles and campers are allowed on individual lots within the city limits of the City of Panama City regardless of the zoning district.

The recovery period is up to twelve months with a removal date of no later than October 10, 2019.

These structures must meet a front setback of at least fifteen (15) feet from the property line.

If the property is a corner lot (at the intersection of two streets) then the structure must not encroach into visibility triangle of motorists.

Property owners must provide a rough site plan showing how the temporary structure will sit on the property to the City's Planning Department for a Development Order.

The Planning Department is not charging review or application fees for any applications. The department will also accept digital applications for signs, demolitions for condemned structures and commercial development orders.

The Planning Department can be reached by calling (850) 691-4610, visiting the A.D. Harris Learning Village at 819 E. 11th Street or by emailing

EPCI must also issue a building permit for the structure. EPCI can be reached by calling (850) 774-5093 or visiting the temporary office at 205 W. 7th Street.

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