What city parks are open to the public?

As we work to clean up the parks in Panama City, we want to keep you updated on those open to the community. The parks not mentioned below are closed while we cleanup and identify and correct any safety hazards.


  • Oaks by the Bay | 2715 W 10th St.
  • Truesdell Park | across from Oaks by the Bay
  • Oakland Terrace Playground | 1900 W. 11th St.
  • Frank Nelson Park | 4105 W. 23rd St.
  • Al Helms Dog Park | 1022 Balboa Ave.
    (adjacent walking park is closed)
  • Carl Gray Park | Collegiate Dr.
    (boat ramp is open; pavilions are damaged)

We'll provide an updated list on Facebook and our website every Friday.

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